The Agra in Markkleeberg called the Fair – Banquet site of the former agricultural exhibition of the GDR in Markkleeberg.

The Leipzig Zoological Garden, or the Leipzig Zoo, was opened in Leipzig, Germany on June 9, 1878. It was taken over by the city of Leipzig in 1920 after World War I and now covers about 27 hectares and contains approximately 850 different species.

Leipzig Botanical Garden (3.5 hectares), (German: Leipziger Botanische Gärten, Botanischer Garten der Universität Leipzig), is a botanical garden maintained by the University of Leipzig, and located at Linnéstraße 1, Leipzig, Saxony, Germany. It is the oldest botanical garden in Germany and among the oldest in the world, and open daily without charge.

Wildpark, This native wildlife and natural habitat park in the Leipziger Auenwald (“floodplain forest”) in Connewitz is well worth a visit. The park started out as a deer enclosure in 1904, was all but destroyed in WW2 but since 1979 has been restored and expanded to its current 46 hectares. Admission is free although a few parts, such as a guided adventure trail and the pet farm, require a small entrance fee.

Südfriedhof (German: South Cemetery) is, with an area of 82 hectares, the largest cemetery in Leipzig. It is located in the south of Leipzig in the immediate vicinity of the Völkerschlachtdenkmal. The Südfriedhof is, along with the Ohlsdorf Cemetery in Hamburg and the Südwestkirchfriedhof Stahnsdorf in Berlin, the largest park-like cemetery in Germany.

The Clara Zetkin Park (colloquially Clara Park), actually Central Kulturpark Clara Zetkin, a park in Leipzig and was from 1955 to 2011 with an area of 125 hectares of Leipzig’s largest park. Since 2011 hot only the recent parks of former Scheibenholz Parks and the King Albert Park Clara Zetkin Park. The park, named after Clara Zetkin (1857-1933), is located about two kilometers southwest of the city center on the edge of the music district and provides the connection between the northern and southern part of the Leipzig floodplain forest represents. Image Map