Bach-Museum Leipzig, Museum celebrating the composer’s life, with interactive musical displays & original manuscripts.

The Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei is an industrial site in Leipzig, Germany. Parts of this 10-hectare site in the district of Lindenau are used today by art galleries, studios and restaurants.

Museum in der Runden Ecke, exploring East German life under scrutiny of the Communists’ security ministry.

Naturkundemuseum Leipzig is a natural history museum in Leipzig, Germany. The museum contains the insect collection of Alexander Julius Reichert.

The Museum of Musical Instruments of the University of Leipzig is a museum in Leipzig, Germany. It is located on Johannisplatz, near the city centre.

The Museum of Applied Arts is a museum in Leipzig, Germany. It is the second oldest museum of decorative arts in the country, founded just six years after the Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin.

The Museum der bildenden Künste is a museum in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany. On 7,000 square meters of display area, 3,500 paintings, 1,000 sculptures and 60,000 graphical works are shown. It covers artworks from the Late Middle Ages to Modernity.

The Leipzig Panometer is an attraction in Leipzig, Germany. It is a visual panorama displayed inside a former gasometer, accompanied by a thematic exhibition. The current theme is the Battle of Leipzig.

The Egyptian Museum of the University of Leipzig is a collection of 7,000 artefacts from several millennia, from the Paleolithic and the pre-dynastic cultures of Egypt over all periods of Pharaonic Egypt ( early period , Old Kingdom , Middle kingdom , new kingdom , late period ) up to the Greco-Roman and early Islamic period.

German Museum of Books and Writing  in Leipzig, Germany, founded in 1884 as Deutsches Buchgewerbe-Museum, is the world’s oldest museum of its kind, dedicated to collecting and preserving objects and documents as well as literature connected with the history of books…

The Grassi Museum is a building complex in Leipzig, Germany, home to three museums: the Ethnography Museum, Musical Instruments Museum, and Applied Arts Museum. It is sometimes known as the “Museums in the Grassi”, or as the “New” Grassi Museum.

The Museum of Antiquities of the University of Leipzig (German Antikenmuseum der Universität Leipzig) is a collection of antiques in Leipzig, Germany.

Museum für Druckkunst, The outstanding feature of this museum is that all appliances, tools and machines are not presented as mute testimonies to their time, but as vivid working demonstrations of a wide range of techniques.

The Forum of Contemporary History is a museum in Leipzig , which the history of the division of Germany , of everyday life in the communist dictatorship of the GDR theme and the reunification process. The museum is a site of the Foundation Haus der Geschichte in Bonn , funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media . Director since September 2015 Jürgen Reiche. Founding director was Rainer Eckert 1999-2015. Image Map